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Terms and Conditions


Payments shall be deemed due on the date of attendance.


All new equipment supplied and installed by Nordali Security, is guaranteed for parts & labour for 3 calendar years from the date of installation, or 3 calendar years for all HKC parts & labour, providing the customer has not contravened Nordali Security Terms & Conditions.

Customer Obligations

The customer will supply adjacent to the intruder alarm control panel a non-switched fused spur. And remain responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all electrical supplies to the system.

To maintain, where needed, any telephone, or internet connections to system.

Re-configuration of internet routers, or equipment, if changed or altered after the completion of installation, is the responsibility of the customer to inform Nordali Security.

Company Obligations

The system will be installed in accordance with the recommendations contained within the British and European standards.

Nordali Security offer free 24 hour support for all customers for 12 months after installation date.

Like all electronic equipment, the system could fail in rare, and exceptional circumstances, and cannot be guaranteed that it will be operational at any specific time, or any specific period.

Nordali Security will explain what regular tests can be performed to verify that the detection equipment is operational, between routine maintenance visits carried out by Nordali Security.

Customers Liability

If the customer wishes Nordali Security to use any existing equipment as part of the system when upgrading the system, it will be assumed to be in full working order. If this is not the case, any work required to bring such equipment up to an acceptable standard will be charged for on a time and material basis.

The customer will pay for any work, or reset required, to be carried out to the system, due to damage by fire, storm, electrical power loss, flood, riot and civil disturbance, break ins, attempted break in, accident, nuisance, rodents and pests, insect infestation, mistreatment of the system, or persistent accidental operation.

The customer will indemnify Nordali Security against all third party claims and costs arising out of, or in, connection with the subject matter of this agreement.

The customer is liable for any costs or loss of any remote keyfobs, prox tags, and codes enabling the use of the system.

Company Liability

I will make good any damage to your property caused by Nordali Security, in the course of installation, or performance. However, Nordali Security are not responsible for repairing any pre-existing faults, or damage to your property that we discover in the course of installation.

The system is intended only to reduce the risk of loss, or damage to the property, and injury to the persons on the premises, to the extent that is reasonably practicable by use of such equipment.
Nordali Security gives no undertaking to the customer that the system may be compromised, or circumvented, or that the system will prevent any loss by burglary, theft, or otherwise.

Nordali Security do not guarantee that particular loss, damage, or injury can and will be prevented by the use of the system.

Routine service & Maintenance Cover for 12 Months

The service & maintenance cover for 12 months include:-

  • An arranged visit to the clients premises.
  • Test movement sensors and door contacts.
  • Test external and internal sounders.
  • Testing of any panic buttons.
  • Testing of any diallers.
  • Check all equipment for defects.
  • No call out charges for attending system faults, and 24 hour support.
  • Test all device batteries, (Note: chargeable if requires replacing).
  • Testing back-up battery, (and replaced for free when required).
  • Supply customer with a full written report of the service.
  • Cleaning all movement sensors of dust and webs.
  • Full set of the system, put into alarm, and reset.

No equipment or products will be replaced without discussion and agreement with the customer.

Repairs & Call Out

All repairs will incur a callout charge unless the system is covered by a valid 12 month service & maintenance cover, or equipment is still covered by warranty, subject to terms and conditions.

Although every effort will be made to repair your system without delay, attendance on site is not a guarantee of full repair, or resolution of the problem, and may require further attendance by appointment within a mutually convenient time window.

If the system is unrepairable an upgrade of the system will be discussed with the customer, and no repair fee will be charged at time of callout. Note callout fee still applies.


Should you have any problems with the system, or services provided by Nordali Security, you must raise this as soon as possible. Complaints must be followed up in writing, explaining what any issues are, within 14 days, you agree to offer Nordali Security the first opportunity to address the issue, and if necessary to carry out any necessary works to make good.